joi, 19 iunie 2008

Twisted Metal: Head On

The demo of Twisted Metal: Head On is about you driving a car around and shooting all around with heavy weaponry wrapped around you twisted metal car. Head on in this twisted race being equipped with all kinds of weapons. Now drive around the twisted metal world heading on to your new race of blowing stuff up like crap and everything there is out there on or off road.

However this is the usual game play to which game players like yourself got used to from The Twisted Metal series.

The Twisted Metal demo is somehow limited from Twisted Metal: Head On full version retail from the game store shelfs. The demo includes just one race and limited number of cars. The gameplay however is amazing in Twisted Metal retail or not. Get twisted metal game from the Twisted Metal official game site.

Twisted Metal

miercuri, 18 iunie 2008

Nascar09 - the Nascar 2009

Nascar 09

E.A. Games released the long awaited car racing game with prestigious reputation NASCAR 09 or Nascar 2009 the racing game of the year 2009. Already it has lots of good reviews.

In the try mode for Nascar 09 you can play Career mode, "Sprint for the Cup."

Your goal in Nascar 2009? You must build your reputation to become the next NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion. Race at home and challenge the most experienced virtual drivers in the world.


Nascar 2009

Advice about Nascar 2009: Download it!

luni, 16 iunie 2008

MotoGP 2007

As MotoGP 2007 goes play this game and experience the sheer passion, speed, excitement and spectacle of motorcycle racing in MotoGP.

Moto GP is now the most thrilling motor sport in the world! MotoGP’07 as you might see it in the racing game review websites brings a real like racing sensation with never before seen graphics and effects.

Just when you thought they couldn't introduce more stuff in this MotoGP series. Well you were mistaking. Moto GP offers energy of the fans and media into the game world this makes the game one of the best so far.

duminică, 15 iunie 2008

Croc 2 Demo

Croc 2 is one of the greatest 3D platforms there is. Although the game isn't new and it's available for quite some time , I decided to write a short review and to ask you all to give it a try.

Croc 2 is the sequel of Croc 3D released in 1997.

As the game goes:

You are this cool cartoonish crocodile character and adventure yourself through a series of connected hub worlds. Each world has a number of different areas and tasks that you must complet in order to advance to the next world.

Croc can do lots of cool things in this Croc 2 game. He can jump, butt-stomp, swim, climb, and ride various vehicles such as the old genre standby, the mine cart, and six others, including a giant snowball.
Download demo Croc 2: Link

vineri, 13 iunie 2008

The Incredible Hulk Game Demo

One of the most powerful Super Heroes of all time promises to unleash epic destruction this June in the blockbuster movie: The Incredible Hulk. Following the movie comes this great SEGA releas as an intensely realistic third-person action video game that you can play on all major video-game platforms.

Some of this demo game features:

  • Unlimited Destruction

  • Powerful Rage

  • Incredible Scale

  • Dynamic Open World

Download link

miercuri, 26 martie 2008

Ford Racing: Off Road

Race 18 of Land Rover and Ford's toughest off road trucks, 4X4's and SUV's through beautifully detailed environments, stunning scenery and wide sweeping tracks designed for tough, high-speed racing.

With acceleration faster than any previous Ford game, real time, on-the-go vehicle damage repair and in-game pick -ups, the racing has never been this exhilarating!

A mixture of oppressive, tight trails and open clearings - the player will be challenged by obstacles as diverse as fallen trees, rocky riverbeds, fast moving streams and lightly wooded areas. Enclosed rocky canyons and dusty desert trails are the main driving areas.

Features such as steep hill climbs, narrow gaps and large boulders will challenge the player.
Glacial carved ice caverns and rocky ice wastelands are the main features of this environment. Slippy, icy tracks make this environment unique and exciting.

marți, 25 martie 2008

Flatout 2

Destruction racing at it's most extreme; the enhanced Crash True™ game engine increases the interaction between cars and environments to set up the wildest crashes ever seen in a game. The peerless physics create an astonishing driving feel with the sheer fun of causing chaos all around. And FlatOut 2 gives even more rewards to cause as much damage as possible to compete against rivals. The reckless Rag Doll stunts will be back with a more advanced scoring system and an improved launch mechanic. Experience hours of bone-breaking fun, this time featuring 12 all new crazy events to punish your driver in the expanded Rag Doll Championship and online Rag Doll play.

This game redefines mayhem

Get ready for no holds barred racing games with even more tracks, cars, with more rad doll games and a lot of city and country settings.

The car racing game Flatout 2 offers the most mind blowing crashes ever!!

If action games are your thing then check the md action games and demo action games .